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Retro not reproduction

Our bikes are not inspired by the old ones- these ARE the old ones.....

Custom Builds

Dream of owning that bike that you drooled over as a youngster but could never afford? Maybe now is the time to realise that dream. I build vintage racing bikes to pre agreed specifications for people all over the world. I've got a large network of contacts, so sourcing exactly what you want might be surprisingly easy.

Simply let me know what you would love to own and we can then talk details and prices from there.


Have you inherited a family bike or even hung onto an early bike of your own and wonder what it would be like fully restored  to it's glory days?

Much of the work I do is restoring vintage bikes to the condition in which they may have been raced many years ago. Get in touch and we can chat through the possibilities. Future generations will thank you for it!

Ready to Ride

I am constantly sourcing bikes and frames from a network of suppliers all over mainland Europe and totally restoring them to their former glory. Many of my builds have taken part in Eroica events in the UK and abroad. If you're looking for a high spec, quality classic bike I might just have what you're looking for. Many of my bikes are in exotic private collections all over the world.

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Your restoration work is staggering, absolutely 

fantastic. Thank you very much for doing such a great job on the bikes, they really are very special

Mature Man

The MOSER build is better than I ever imagined - thanks so much.

WOW ! Thank you so much for this Mike, I can't express how much it means to me. It's an absolute masterpiece, beautiful. The flawless restoration work is so good that my plans to actually ride the bike seems like sacriledge now.

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Hello, I'm Mike and that chase for perfection is absolutely what it's all about for me. Cycling was my first passion, from my Saturday job in the local bike shop aged 13; the enormous adventure just one year later, of cycling the round trip from Chester to London accompanied only by my 12 year brother (different times eh?) and onwards throughout my seven decades.

The lure of four wheels came calling briefly with the opportunity to rally a Mini Cooper S, but the eight years serving as a Cyclo Sportive mechanic brought me full circle to tending and restoring the bikes of the 'glory days'. And now Vintage Cycle Sport brings both rewarding challenges and the echoes of that boyhood passion.

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we
chase perfection we can catch excellence"

Vince Lombardi
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