Vintage steel lightweight restoration and sales


 "Looks incredible !  Really good to see it retored to its former
glory !  "    .......   


Restoration Criteria

FRAME:  Firstly the frame and dropout alignments are checked before being sandblasted, their structural integrity checked and any pitting filled before being primed. The base colour coat is then added before new decals are applied and finally several coats of clear lacquer applied. Finally frames are given a ceramic coating to protect the paintwork long term. Bottom brackets are then re-faced before build up.

COMPONENTS:   All components are fully stripped (literally to the last washer) and all bearings are replaced along with cables. Components are electronically cleaned and polished where appropriate before being reassembled.
Where "new old stock" parts are used they are listed as NOS.
All wheels are newly built with stainless double butted spokes.

Bikes currently under restoration:

(All sizes stated are centre to centre)

Vetta Persona 1968 56cm

Mercier Service de Course 1979 55cm

Pinarello Treviso  1978  53.5cm

Woodrup  1959  57 cm

Olmo Grand Prix  1986  57cm

Olmo Competition  Early 80's  50cm

Chas Roberts  late 70's  54cm

Bianchi Campione del Mondo  1978  56cm

Falcon San Remo Equipe team replica  Early '70s  55cm

PIcchio Late 1970's  54cm

Martelly  Late 80's  58cm

Colnago Mexico 1980  54cm

Advanced enquiries welcomed on of all the above


Early 1980's PINARELLO TREVISO  55cm

From the maker that needs no introduction.  A very attractive Columbus SL tubed frame fitted mostly with rather beautiful Shimano Arabesque components making for a very reasonably priced classic.


Frame:          55cm centre/centre. Columbus SL tubing.
                     Derailleurs:  Shimano Arabesque
Chainset:      Shimano Arabesque
Wheels:        Shimano Arabesque hubs newly built with
                      Mavic Monthlery Pro rims
Brakes:         Shimano Arabesque
Saddle:         San Marco
Tyres:            Vittoria Rally Competition tubulars. New.
Stem:            3TTT
Bars:             3TTT Competzione

Price:     £ 1095        Euros   1260

1978 BENOTTO 3000     56cm

A virtual replica of the bicycle that Francesco Moser rode to victory in the 1977 World Road Race Championship. The iconic Benotto 3000 frame is identical to his Sanson team frame with its distinctive triangulated chainstays.    TOTALLY RESTORED.

Frame:                           56cm centre/centre. Columbus SL tubing.  
Derailleurs:                   Campagnolo Super Record
Chainset:                       Campagnolo Super Record
Wheels:                         Campagnolo Record hubs newly built on
                                       Ambrosio Montreal sprint rims
Brakes:                          Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Bottom Bracket:           Campagnolo Record
Headset:                        Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Pedals:                           Campagnolo Record  
Saddle:                           San Marco Concor Supercorsa
Tyres:                             Vittoria Rally Competition tubulars. New.
Stem:                              Cinelli 1A
Bars:                               Cinelli Giro d' Italia

Price:                SOLD

1989  COLNAGO Master Piu Décor  54cm


This stunning frame has been totally refurbished with new chrome and new décor paintwork.
Built up for the most part with first generation Campagnolo Chorus components it will make a stunning addition to anyones stable.
Can also be supplied in Eroica qualifying trim with exposed cable brake levers and downtube gear levers at no extra cost

Price:      £ 2995            Euros   3450

Early 80's EDDY MERCKX Professional  53cm


Size:                      53cm centre/centre
Tubing:                 Columbus SL
Chainset:              Campagnolo Super Record
Headset:               Campagnolo Super Record
Derailleurs:          Campagnolo Super Record
Brakes:                 Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Seatpost:              Campagnolo Record
Saddle:                  San Marco Supercorsa
Bottom bracket:  Omas NOS
Hubs:                     Campagnolo Record
Rims:                     Mavic Monthlery Pro 
Pedals:                  Campagnolo Super Record
Bars:                      Cinelli Giro d'Italia
Stem:                     Cinelli 1A

Price:        £ 1695       Euros  1995


1978  ROSSIN  53cm

Rossin is not the oldest of the great Italian bike builders but it is certainly up with the very best. Mario Rossin was the design genius behind the company's beginning in 1973 and ever since then the Rossin name has been one of innovation and racing success. With cycling monuments like Milan - San Remo, Paris - Roubaix and the indoor Hour record on it palmares, the bikes have always been ridden at the highest levels of the sport. 


Frame:                           53cm centre/centre
Derailleurs:                   Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Chainset:                       Gipiemme Dual Sprint cranks with                                                              Campagnolo Super Record rings.
Wheels:                         Ofmega hubs newly built on Mavic Monthlery                                           Pro rims.
Brakes:                          Campagnolo
Headset:                        Gipiemme Strada
Saddle:                           Cinelli Unicanator
Tyres:                              Vittoria Rally Competition tubulars. New.
Stem:                              ITM
Bars:                               ITM

Price:               £ 1295    Euros  1495

1979  GIOS Torino Super Record  54cm

The marque made famous by Eddy Merckx’s great rival,  Roger de Vlaeminck.  This is the second generation of the Super Record.
This bike was purchased from its sole owner in Belgium and has undergone a total restoration.
An iconic bike for any collection.


Frame:                           54cm centre/centre. Columbus SL tubing.  
Rear derailleurs:          Campagnolo Nuovo  Record
Front derailleur:          Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Chainset:                       Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Wheels:                         Campagnolo  Record hubs newly built on
                                        Super Champion Competition sprint rims
Brakes:                           Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Bottom Bracket:          Campagnolo Record
Pedals:                           Campagnolo Record  
Saddle:                           San Marco Supercorsa
Seatpost:                       Campagnolo Record
Tyres:                             Vittoria  (new).
Stem:                              Cinelli 1A
Bars:                               Cinelli Giro d'Italia

Price:               SOLD

Late 70's Vic Edwards built CONDOR Italia 


Frame:                           57cm centre/centre. Reynold 531 D/B tubing.  
Rear derailleurs:          Campagnolo Nuovo  Record
Front derailleur:          Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Chainset:                       Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Wheels:                         Campagnolo  Record hubs newly built on
                                        Mavic Speciale Sport tubular rims
Brakes:                          Campagnolo Triomphe
Bottom Bracket:          Campagnolo Record
Pedals:                           Campagnolo Gran Sport 
Saddle:                           Milremo Competion
Seatpost:                       Campagnolo Record
Tyres:                             Continental Giro  (new).
Stem:                              3ttt
Bars:                               3ttt Competzione

Price:              £ 1695     Euros   1995

1974 CUSINATO 48cm ctc.


Frame:                     48 cm ctc. Columbus tubing
Derailleurs:             Campagnolo 980
Chainset:                 Campagnolo Triomphe
Wheels:                    Mavic Monthlery rims newly built on to                                                     Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo hubs
Brakes:                    Universal
Bars:                        3ttt Competzione Tour de France
Stem:                       3ttt
Tyres:                       Hutchinson tubular

Price:           £795     Euros   915

1978 COLNAGO Super 51cm


Frame:                     51m ctc. Columbus SL tubing. 
Rear derailleurs:    Campagnolo Nuovo Record 
Front derailleur:    Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Chainset:                Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Wheels:                   Campagnolo Record hubs newly                                
                                 built on Mavic Morthlery sprint rims 
Headset:                 Campagnolo Super Record 
Bottom Bracket:    Campagnolo Super Record
Pedals:                    Campagnolo Record 
Saddle:                    San Marco Supercorsa
Stem:                       Cinelli XA
Bars:                        Cinelli Giro D’Italia

Price           £1,695     Euros    1995

De Gribaldy  Early 80’s  52cm

Frame:                   52cm centre/centre. Vitus 979 tubing
Derailleurs:           Mavic
Chainset:               Mavic 630
Wheels:                 Nisi sprint rims newly built with Mavic hubs
Headset:                Stronglight A9
Brakes:                  Mavic /Modolo
Saddle:                  San Marco Rolls
Tyres:                     Vittoria Strada tubulars.
Stem:                     Cinelli 1A
Bars:                      Cinelli Giro d’Italia

Price:         £1,295.00    Euros   1495

What some of our customers had to say:

Hope you are well & your bike restorations are still delighting others as well as me  ...........   P.S

Your restoration work is staggering, absolutely fantastic.
Thank you very much for doing such a great job on the bikes, they really are very special  ..........  G.G.

Excellent - thanks Mike
I took my bike out for a short ride yesterday . I'd forgotten how skinny and narrow the old handlebars are !
Thanks for your excellent work
  ........  P.H.

Looks incredible !  Really good to see it retored to its former
glory !  .......    B.M.

I just thought I would send you a line to say thank you. I haven't really had time to take in what you have built for me until today and I can only say that it looks wonderful, thank you again...D.H.

Just wanted to say thanks again for the excellent job. Everyone who has seen it has been gobsmacked.... P.W.

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All restored bikes carry a three month component warranty